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Jobs - Our talented team is what makes Sweetwaters a most unique place. Join us...
Sweetwaters CafeOnline employment application form

It starts with our mission.

We don't like to call it a mission statement. It's more like a promise statement. Whatever you want to call it, we believe in it deeply, and we like those that join us to understand and believe in it too. So here it is, our promise: To make our customers' day. It's as simple as that. Honest. If we can do that, we've done well. And if you think you can help us do it too, then please, keep reading.

A few good men. And women.

We just like good people. The Sweetwaters experience is built on this principle. If you provide customers with a gourmet product, in an environment that is both upscale and relaxing, and you allow great people to serve the experience with a smile... then you've got it. And if you think you'd like to help us fulfill this promise, then please let us know. We're always on the look out for good people. Baristas, managers, all around coffee lovers, we need them all.

Interested in applying for a position at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea?

If applying online:
1. Download an employment application.
2. Fill out the PDF & save with your first and last name within the file name.
3. Email your completed PDF to info@SweetwatersCafe.com. Include the location of the store you would
like to work at in the subject line.

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