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Menu - A list of our delicious delights, at a Sweetwaters near you.
Sweetwaters CafeSweetwaters. On the move. Find us at the following retail and restaurant locations.

Signature Coffees

Dragon Eye

A hypnotizing blend of our House coffee and sweetened condensed milk. A tribute to the Year of the Dragon.

French Vietnamese Au Lait

A masterpiece of Sweetwaters' dark roasted French chicory coffee & sweetened condensed milk. An Asian finish to a French coffee.

Crème Caramel

A delicious caramel coated vanilla latte topped with whipped cream. The perfect mix of sweet and rich - your sugar daddy in a cup.

Cocoa Cappuccino

A chocolate cappuccino! Espresso, chocolate, and perfectly frothed milk.


Decaf, Iced, Skim or Soy Milk

Abianno : Sweetwaters' premium espresso

Syrups : Almond*, Blackberry, Caramel, Cinnamon, Hazelnut*, Mint, Raspberry*, Strawberry, Vanilla*
* sugar-free versions available

Coffee & Tea Boxes

Convenient and portable! Bring Sweetwaters to the office.

Great for meetings, presentations, soccer matches or just to say "job well done!" 96 oz. of pure pleasure. Make someone's day today and bring a box of happiness!

Available for coffee, tea, lattes, ginger lemon tea, hot chocolate, spiced cider and more! Call or visit the store nearest you for more information.

Classic Coffees


Choose between our bold House espresso or our European style, smooth, premium Abianno espresso.


One, two, or three shots of espresso gently blended with foamed milk. A tasty treat that's sure to warm your heart.


Same as our cappuccino but mixed with nicely hot milk. What makes it unique? A whole latte love, of course.


A wondrous mix of espresso, cocoa, and steamed milk topped with whip cream. We dare you not to drink it in one gulp.

Caramel Mocha

Our mouth watering mocha with luscious caramel and whip. A worthy indulgence.


One part Sweetwaters coffee. One part hot water. Two parts perfection.

Red Eye

Need more caffeine than a cup of joe? A shot of espresso gives this drink a jolt.

Espresso Macchiato

Espresso with a silky dollop of foam on top.

House, Decaf, Organic & Fair Trade Coffees

A superb collection of daily brews. Call or visit the store nearest you.