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Meet the Founders

Wei and Lisa Bee founded the first Sweetwaters in 1993 in downtown Ann Arbor near their alma mater, The University of Michigan. Inspired by their love of food and drink and driven by their creativity, Sweetwaters was conceived and brought to life. The marvelous result: a coffeehouse that celebrates classic café fare alongside globally influenced coffees and teas in an environment that is both classic and friendly—just like Wei and Lisa. Today, they both remain integral to daily life at Sweetwaters through their stores, community involvement, and search for inspirational products for their guests. Stop by to meet them and say hi if you’d like. Chances are you’ll find them chatting with one of the many regular guests who have now become their friends.


Favorite Drink:
Dragon Eye because it’s bold yet sweet—just like all my fellow Year of the Dragons.
Favorite Dessert:
OMG Chocolate Cake. Sometimes I need a lot of chocolate.
Favorite aspect of Sweetwaters:
Sweetwaters is the community melting pot and we all have a great time!


Favorite Drink:
Napali Brew because it reminds me of its namesake, the Napali coast of Hawaii.
Favorite Snack:
Strawberry Bliss Ice Dragon. Most consider this a drink, but for me it is a healthy, fast snack – blended strawberries and yogurt—a one-handed treat in a cup.
Favorite aspect of Sweetwaters:
The ‘Breakfast Club’ (a group of morning regulars). They are the funniest, most awake people at 7am. I don’t see them often, but when I do they always make me laugh.
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